About Us

Dave graduated from John F. Kennedy University with a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology.

Upon graduating Dave relocated to Seattle and retained employment as a Functional Family Therapist at Compass Health in Everett. Dave currently provides Clinical Supervision services to Compass Health.

In 2007, Dave was promoted to the position of Clinical Supervisor, providing in-home Family Preservation Services and Family Reconciliation Services to clients in the Snohomish and King county regions through WCI.

Working directly with D.S.H.S. Social Workers, services were provided to at-risk families in need of crisis stabilization, individual and family counseling, psychiatric intervention/hospitalization and resource identification.

Dave started Endeavor Family Counseling in 2008, with a vision to provide exceptional therapy to individuals and families in Snohomish and King Counties. As one of the few Nationally recognized "Externship Trained " Functional Family Therapists, Dave's skills are specifically geared towards engaging and motivating the client/family in targeted "Behavior Change Plans" that meet the highest recognized standards in the profession and the state of Washington.

In working with all of his families, Dave thinks it is important to remember that a key component of their work together is that of communication and engagement.

Please remember, that these critical pieces lay the foundation for the essential component of addressing family issues collaboratively and directly. Additionally, this specifically gives rise to "hope" that the family intervention can promote "lasting change" for all involved.

As many of the clients are just starting the counseling process for the first time, Dave makes sure to keep consistent contact with all involved and to provide the necessary education, assessments, treatment plans, and referrals as the process proceeds. If you have any questions as to Dave's approach or about his specific practice modality please feel free to contact us through the contact us page on the site.